Interfering devices will be very easy to locate and disable

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Those who worry about privacy are using GPS jammers more and more. The range of these people is very wide, such as truck drivers, their bosses do not understand every aspect of the journey, citizens who do not care about GPS tracking devices on their vehicles, or ordinary people who do not want the telephone company to track their every step through GPS. Activated mobile phone.

If only the FCC is equally diligent and sensible in pursuing other interference problems in the radio spectrum. Some ideas that immediately came to mind; IBOC can simulate adjacent channels, broadband on Power lines, electrical noise in the mid-band, illegal 2-way radios on the RPU frequency, etc. Of course, there is no money on these issues.

Does FCC not allow Lightsquares to install Power 4G data transmitters throughout the place, thereby interfering with GPS? I know that they canceled the plan after the flight caused by GPS and other factors caused a general disturbance.

Hypothetically, in a mobile operating environment, when an interstate highway is traveling on an interstate highway with thousands of other vehicles at a speed of 70 miles per hour, this will be a well-known method of finding a needle in a haystack. This is especially true for GPS Jammers-only devices, which will require very small amounts of Power to interfere with weak satellite signals. For cash-strapped law enforcement agencies, this is an interesting question.

However, not all jammer devices are so small. After searching for GPS jamming devices in Google, I noticed that some of them are great, with radiators and fans, capable of generating large signals on every mobile phone, WiFi, 3/4G and GPS frequencies. Those large interference devices will be very easy to locate and disable.