Japanese people began to buy jammers to resist cell phone use

The ordinance banning "walking smartphones" was passed at the Yamato City Council in Kanagawa Prefecture on June 25 and became effective on July 1. According to the city, this is Japan's first ordinance to specifically study "walking smartphones." The Yamato City Council of Kanagawa Prefecture passed an decree on June 25 that prohibits the operation of smartphones and mobile phones when walking in public places such as roads and parks, and it took effect on July 1. it is. The Yamato City Act on Preventing Walking Smartphones is Japan’s first ordinance on "walking smartphones". Its implementation was initially implemented by a large number of mobile cell phone jammer.

 According to the "Information and Communication White Paper" (2019 Edition) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the home ownership rate of smartphones jumped from 9.7% in 2010 to 62.6% in 2013. The transmission speed in four years has reached an astonishing 6.5 times, and accidents caused by "walking smartphones" that operate smartphones while walking in public places have rapidly increased and have become a social problem. According to the report, the Tokyo Fire Department said that in the five years from 2013 to 2018, the number of emergency transports caused by such "walking smartphones" was 165. In January 2020, Yamato City conducted a pedestrian survey of approximately 6,000 pedestrians in two places in front of Yamato Station and Central Linkan Station. Obviously, 12% of the total are walking and using smartphones. This will be a very scary figure, which will increase the burden of traffic accidents in the country. Based on this situation, the Yamato City’s Pedestrian Prevention Smartphone Regulations, which came into effect on July 1, stipulated in Article 5 that “walking smart phones are prohibited in public places”, and a large number of jammers have been installed in streets and parks. Stop people who bow their heads and play with their phones.

In this way, it will be possible to show reasons for attracting public attention, such as "walking smartphones" on the street. By the way, regarding "street smoking", which is a social problem similar to walking smartphones, laws and regulations are being promoted across the country to combat this situation. In June 2008, Yamato City also promulgated the "Yamato City Smoking Prevention Act on Streets" and made efforts to improve etiquette and morals in accordance with the Act. As a result, the rate of street smoking dropped by approximately 93% in 2010 and 2018. When formulating the "Regulations on Preventing Walking Smartphones in Yamato City," Yamato City will continue to call for greater awareness and inculcate the awareness of "stop and operate smartphones" in order to reduce the price of walking smartphones. At that time, there was a wave of buying mobile phones The jammer boom. I want. The regulations have no penalties, and no penalties will be implemented in the future. According to the person in charge of the Road Safety Countermeasures Section of the City Hall of Yamato City Hall, from the perspective of preventing the splash infection of the new corona, the sound of traffic safety patrol cars, garbage collection trucks, and audio tapes installed in front of stations will remind you. It is said that it is being planned.