Why strong Google out of China market ?

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Today from Google withdraw from the Chinese market has been more than 5 years of time. Let's recall the situation at that time. On January 12, 2010, 15, Google senior vice President and chief legal officer David Drummond (David Drummond) on the official Google blog post, said Google group consider closing "Google China" web site as well as the China office.

In baidu just after being attacked by hackers, news from Google out of China. This undoubtedly let baidu was black shade, Google network focus.
Chinese search engine market is really bad, the current Google's share of the Chinese about the appearance of less than 30%, baidu less than 70%, in 2009 the Chinese search engine market size of 6.95 billion, and is increasing every year. At the same time, Google China accounts for 8% of global revenue Google - 10%, is one of the important source of income.
People have wondered Google out of China is really the reason.

For one, and there is no suitable leader Google China.
When lee left Google, Google was difficult to find a suitable leader, known as the train ran about to take by car, there is no leader, of course, Google China's localization and branding will be hard, which greatly shaken Google's confidence in the Chinese market in the United States.
Second, the policies and regulations, you have to Google from. The Internet is not selling technology and products, selling the localization and user habits. And localization are interconnected
The key to the success of the company, amazon can't against taobao, facebook "in China, instead of QQ and sina weibo is popular, this is the Power of localization. And Google is not shielding many information in the Chinese government seems to be very sensitive, not to please the Chinese government's favor! As an outsider, Google is hard to identify Chinese policy, and difficult to grasp the change of China's policy, so always in touch the high tension line.

Third, Google continuous crisis, annoyed Google in the United States. Google is CCTV exposure on yellow, Google plans to Sue, library and the government
Related departments also accused Google wrong, lee left, and so on, all this let Google headquarters is a headache. Opt out show americans the decisive and impulsive, like Microsoft, after the eu annoys the Windows built-in browser directly deleted, finally let the eu. Google leaving China, it is estimated that there are a lot of netizens feel sad, after all, 30% of the share is not a small number, more than 100 million Internet users in the use Google, the search habits once formed, they find it hard to give up Google.
Google failed relationship with China is another crucial factor, that is "culture", "baidu knows Chinese better," in a word, "baidu more understand China". This is the reason why Google failed. In China, the characteristics of the country, Google is doomed to fail.
Blocked a lot of countries large companies with Chinese characteristics, Google is not exceptional also, of course, we also have a lot of successful examples, such as mass, the problem is that Google can't do that, it is determined by the characteristics of Google. First of all, Google is a Internet company, regardless of whether or not he himself as the media, he has the characteristics of the media, that it is good to explain Google in China have been struggling for, any foreign media in China's most successful? At least I haven't found this example.

Second, Google has its own distinctive enterprise concept, "don't be evil", for example, whether the "don't be evil" as we recognize, is, as we understand the literal meaning of sticking to this position, but Google itself does have been in China, the enterprise idea of "do no evil" inevitably and the requirements of the competent department of the conflict, in other words, I believe that Google's operators have been affected by their adhere to the concept of corporate ethics, and now, perhaps unbearable.
One more thing, since Google entered China, has suffered several strange or unwarranted criticism, the accused may, in our opinion is right, but it's not necessarily to look in Google, Google for marketing reasons or other reasons insist on down, but in recent years, the trend, or use the meaning of the context, is the meaning of "persecution" did not decrease, but the increase gradually, at the same time, Google think wrong things has been very safe there, such as Google music, Google has spent great effort to do but obviously pirated baidu mp3 unscathed, Google's library was the strong attack from the official, the similar things, in Google, we are also don't understand.
When a market with huge policy and operating risk, Google is choose to leave, is also understandable.

Google with its Powerful search function to occupy a lot of Chinese people, we expect Google to quickly return to China.