How to Avoid the government to Track your Location

Military / Prison Jammers

For a long time, we all attach great importance to their privacy, with some of the government for their own interests needs related to the mutual cooperation between the government using the technology to leak our privacy, so how to protect their privacy from the government to steal, followed by the government whereabouts become crucial.

Your first bet is probably to find out if someone is tracking you or not. You can turn here for cellphone and bug device detectors. But these aren't 100%, so if you're really paranoid and want to hide your location, you'll want to just go ahead and stop the trackers your personer cell phone Phones should have proper security.It should include shielding many information.

The first type is a GPS Jammers, which is technically illegal to buy and use in the US, so keep that in mind. These types of GPS jammers plug into the cigarette lighter in your car, and will "prohibit GPS signal" up to 10 meters. Ten meters isn't too far, but it isn't super close either, so cars next to you might get some GPS interference as you drive down the road.

This model is $125.36. There are handheld and higher-Power ed versions available for slightly more. Our friends at Brando have one too, for $138

If you're worried that someone is tracking your cellphone, there's a signal blocking bag for about $10 that you can shove your device into when not in use.

You also have the cellphone-type trackers, which need to be stopped with a different device: a Cell Phone Jammer. There are various portable versions, as well as ones that go into your car. These types of jammers are as illegal as the GPS ones, so again, know what you're getting into.

Ein üblicher Handy-Störsender sendet ein eigenes Signal aus, um den Empfang bei Smartphones und Handys zu stären. Handygegner können mit einem Handyjammer Funkwellen aussenden, welche die für den Empfang notwendigen GSM-Funksignale stören oder verhindern. Einige Modelle können nicht nur das Handynetz, sondern auch Datennetze (WLAN) und GPS-Signale stören. Handy-Hasser sollten sich allerdings nicht verfrüht die Hände reiben, immerhin gibt es einige Paragraphen

Is it worth it to go to the potential legal troubles of owning and operating a GPS or cellphone jammer if you're not doing anything wrong? That's up to you to decide. But if you are doing something that you want to make sure the government doesn't know about and they're already surveilling you, it might already be too late to get one of these.

Our Existing Jammer equipment, we are absolutely sure that these devices will be used by you without any problems. So let us give you some details on possible threats and protection measures against them.