Mobile jammer solves all your troubles

Before starting today’s topic, I will ask you a few questions:
1. Do you often interrupt calls?
2It is very disgusting for this kind of telephone interference.
3. Are you looking for a weapon to stop this type of phone?

In 2015, a school district in Pasco County, Florida passed a policy that ordered its students to keep their phones and mobile devices off during class. When this policy change has little or no impact on students' behavior in school, the teacher decides to take action.

Dean Liptak, a science teacher, is tired of watching his classroom focus on smartphones instead of classes, and tired of using cell phone jammer to end it. Can schools block cell phone signals?

According to the "Tampa Bay Times" report, from March 31 to April 2, Liptak activated the signal jammer for three days. At first, the teacher's strategy seemed to work. Until Verizon complained that someone at Fivay High School was making fun of their network.

After determining that Liptak was the cause of his network problems, Verizon suggested that his mobile phone jamming activities disrupted the signal sent to the cell outside the school. Liptak believes that this is only to solve the problem of distracting students, not to cause problems in the school.

Liptak believes that if the intended purpose is not malicious, the use of cell phone jammers is allowed.

The school district thinks it is not. In a letter from the President of the Legislative Yuan, Kurt Browning, Liptak was told to stay suspended for five days. He explained to the teacher: "Your actions may not only violate federal laws, but also pose a serious threat to safety-critical communications, preventing others from making 9-1-1 calls.