Can mobile phone jammers interfere with fingerprint recognition?

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At present, among various biometric recognition technologies, fingerprint recognition accounts for a large share of 66.7%; face recognition accounts for 11.4%; iris recognition, voice recognition, vein recognition and palm recognition account for 8.0%, 3.0%, and 2.4 respectively. % And 1.8%. However, it is understood that palmprints, human faces, traditional fingerprints, living fingerprints, iris and other body surface biological features can be replicated.

World-renowned universities, scientific research institutions, and companies are developing a new type of finger vein identification and authentication system. Palm vein identification is used as a living body identification technology. The biometric carrier of palm vein identification-the veins are located below the epidermis and inside the fingers. , Relying on flowing blood to form blood vessel images, even if it is a copy of a living finger, the image will be completely unrecognizable once the blood coagulates. At the same time, he has the most deadly certainty that the signal must be good, so it is very resistant to our mobile cell phone jammer.

On the one hand, palm vein recognition technology will gradually replace fingerprint recognition technology; on the other hand, the development of finger vein recognition technology is also a process of gradual integration of fingerprint recognition technology. It is understood that in addition to scientific research institutions, Hitachi is a leading foreign finger vein recognition product and solution provider; there is a domestic company called Shenzhou Mingda, which has been involved in the security field for more than ten years. I believe these companies have mature core technologies. It can provide reliable products for the identity authentication of education candidates. Relatively speaking, domestic companies with a strong technical background will have a higher cost performance and greater potential because they have a better understanding of national conditions and market needs.

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