Kim jong UN said: Turkey, dare touch my eldest brother, I nuclear flush it

PowerSignal Jammer

The recent events in the Turkey shoot down Russian continuous fermentation, according to Iran News Online Mizan Online News Agency has reported that north Korean leader, Kim jong UN, has publicly threaten Turkey, native if dare to continue to put Russia down, he will not hesitate to launch nuclear bombs to blow up Turkey! Is this true? We all know that north Korea had several nuclear explosion, it is undeniable that there is a bomb. And north Korean leaders on many occasions stressed his bomb can Response to GPS jammers, prevent bombs by its interference in the process of flight, deviating from the direction of the missiles.

The report on Iran's network media, the mainstream media is not involved. Kim jong UN said surprise on Russian soil aircraft incident to the outside world, said nuclear attack Turkey is breathtaking. Analysts believe that Kim jong-un propaganda is not on impulse, but a deliberate.

High speed precision is a tendency in recent years The development of The north Korean missile and The missile's launch is The mystery of The machine so it is difficult to obtain The latest north Korean missile technical data, know very little about how The performance of The north Korean missile is The outside world, Preventing The Leakage of information. The bomb north Korea usually in underground experiment, only when The surrounding countries feel obvious vibration this just know, north Korea's nuclear explosion happened.

Historically, broke out in 1950, former U.S. President harry Truman to become a "police action" of the Korean war, Turkey is one of one of the earliest response and sent in more countries, is also the only one out of north Korea in the Middle East countries. Was originally a group of Turkish forces in October 17, 1950 arrived in busan, South Korea, for the first time in two days into the north land, started fighting. Far-away with north Korea, Turkey, almost no political and economic ties between the two countries, but Turkey active war with north Korea. Although from a military perspective, Turkey played a role in the Korean war. But Turkey is trying to prove a point: the Turkish government to borrow the Korean war expressed loyal to the United States and its Allies are determined. Then the United States to promote Turkey from pawn to ally levels.

Kim jong-un propaganda as a Russian ally Turkey is actually told the United States, north Korea has a Russian the backer. When the United States in the Middle East from the front, Kim jong UN, let us understand, want to use the answers often troubled north Korea is also trouble back at home in the United States, need to be on the agenda.

In response to north Korea this madman we should be ready to Power signal jammers,and very good radar surveillance system, timely response to the madman's missiles. prevent it.