North Koreans strongly oppose the use of jammers

One of the things that North Korean President Kim Jong Un hates most is "information flow, internal flow." You want to control the flow of information at your convenience and make your employees "ignorant." An example of failure is the idolization of Kim Masaon's mother, Taka Young-hee. This is because "Ko Young Hee was born in Osaka" and other inconvenient information to North Korea flowed in and spread from Japan. Recently, Kim Jong-on has become nervous about Chinese airlines making calls in the border area between China and North Korea. The North Korean authorities spent a lot of money on this control.

According to a person familiar with the Ministry of National Security (Secret Police), an inside source familiar with North Korea said that the North Korean authorities purchased a mobile phone bug and radio jammer from China in May this year. He reported that he spent 15 million yuan (approximately 254 million yen) for this. The imported equipment will be installed in order in Liangshantang, Heshan and North Ping An Road in Shinjuku, which borders China. The source said the equipment should start operation at this time. statement.

Traders who smuggle various commodities from China, divorced families who leave and contact Korean families, and remittance brokers who help with remittances are all working hard to upgrade their equipment. According to Daily NK's internal sources in the two rivers, the new radio monitoring equipment introduced locally is high enough to answer mobile phones that are 4 kilometers square. An acquaintance's guard (secret police) advised a businessman that he should keep quiet after showing him the content of the tapped call. The traditional radio wave cell phone jammer is a mechanism for locating callers around the base stations of Chinese mobile phones. New radio eavesdroppers can not only know the location, but also the content of the call, which increases the risk for people using mobile phones. This is also a painful story for foreign currency earners who use Chinese operators' mobile phones under government permission. Up to now, I still have some profits and rebates in my pocket, but when I was tapped, I couldn't do what I wanted to do. On the other hand, some traders think that it is not important to be careful, saying that they just want to scare them.

Some people use the Messenger app with enhanced security and say that voice calls are dangerous. The source did not mention the specific name, but it seems that they are using Signal and Telegram, which have a high reputation for security, rather than LINE, which is popular in Japan and Cacao Talk, which is popular in Korea. "This year, unlike in the past, our contacts with foreign countries have increased. The atmosphere of North-South relations is improving, and some residents hope that this atmosphere will change further. At that time, what the judiciary has to do is to crack down on external information and buy more. A jammer to interrupt the introduction of external information and strengthen surveillance of residents who regard them as "impure elements." We also analyzed the following background. "There are many repressions during the year-end and New Year holidays, so there are also many repressions. action. Its purpose is to combat illegal activities and make money for New Year's activities. "

On the other hand, there is also news that an official of the Ministry of Health was executed and the official was found to be fraudulent. The source said: "Several people involved were executed after buying cheap jammers and taking the price difference. Another person bought high-performance machines again." He turned a blind eye to the huge budget and participated in the budget, but due to the newly introduced jamming equipment Poor performance, the upper part was reviewed (inspected), leading to detection and execution. Excessive control may be an international problem. In 2015, in the Bai Korean Autonomous Prefecture of Jilin Province, China, on the other side, mobile phones could not be used due to jammer radio waves transmitted by North Korean authorities to mobile phones. The county government protested against the two river province authorities and interference radio waves. It has evolved into a situation that requires interruption.