North Koreans use jammers to prohibit the spread of information

The United Nations Special Correspondent for Human Rights in North Korea, Thomas O'Hare Quintana (Thomas O'Hare Quintana), said in a video conference with officials of the Ministry of Unification on July 30 that there are concerns about North Korean groups' games to improve North Korean human rights Shrinking. show. The international human rights organization Human Rights Watch said in a statement on July 31 that the administrative inspection was a clear political repression and called for the suspension of the inspection. First, the measures taken by the North Korean government are the result of strong opposition from North Korea. At noon on June 9, North Korea rebelled against the advertisement of North Korea’s dispatch of villas and took measures to cut off all contact networks with South Korea. The North Korean authorities mobilized a citizen rally to condemn the "extraordinary crime" and bombed the North-South Liaison Office in Beihai City.

Traditionally, North Korea has strictly controlled the invasion of foreign culture and information. This is because he fears that the reason for claiming that the Kim Jong Un regime is superior to a democratic society will be broken. The North Korean authorities refer to foreign cultures as "yellow cultures," meaning that they are corrupt and have severely suppressed them. The radio channel is fixed with solder, the Internet can only be used by authorized personnel, and they use cell phone jammer to interrupt the signal.

The North Koreans sent villas to challenge North Korea's control, but it was initially the method used by successive North Korean governments to spread various information to North Korea as part of a "psychological war". it is. Since the 1960s, the South Korean government has been accusing North Korea's supreme leader and used the villa to convey South Korea's development and wage a psychological war. We use Taiwan as a model for spreading villas in China, and are studying technology to keep the height of the balloons carrying the villas constant and to use timers to blow balloons. From spring to summer, when the wind blows from south to north, he continues to send the villa to North Korea, mainly at night when it is difficult to receive the aiming lens. For the stamp villa, I carried 300,000 balloons with helium at a time.

I also sent money, dried meat, underwear and a small special radio, which will play Korean KBS when turned on. The North Koreans follow this method. Recently, he has been filling pet bottles with rice and villas with water, and then transporting them from the South Korean coast to North Korea. In addition, after the Korean War was suspended, successive South Korean governments also conducted shortwave underground broadcasts. The performer called him "a person who participated in the Korean Democratic Movement." The Psychological Warfare Bureau of the Korea Central Intelligence Agency (KCIA) was established in 1961. In order to avoid jamming radio waves from North Korea, the transmission point is changed to one year every six months.

Intermittent broadcast of about 30-40 minutes of programs several times a day. Since the number of people who hear shortwaves is limited, we mainly target military personnel. In order to lower morale, messages such as "The North Korean army has introduced the latest weapons" were released. Broadcasting was also carried out by installing jammers on Korean military speakers at about 10 locations along the north-south military border. For about two to six hours a day, we broadcast intermittently criticizing North Korea and international social movements. In order to lower the morale of North Korean soldiers, the latest songs, dramas and weather forecasts sung by popular North Korean groups were also released. If the weather conditions are good, you can listen to the radio even 25 kilometers away. However, this kind of psychological warfare between the South Korean government and the military was often interrupted by the administrative policies of the time. The Torah government has decided to prohibit all provocations near the military border through the North-South military agreement in September 2018.

In 2017, when the head government was established in the United States, radio stations under the U.S. government provided tens of minutes of video programs, introducing the social success of North Americans, the motorization of the United States and the rich eating habits of the United States. I'm doing it. He asked South Korea about a plan to broadcast on an informal "underground broadcast" run by the South Korean government, but it didn't seem to be implemented. Even after the North-South military agreement was reached, North Korea continued to send villas to North Korea, but North Korea was angry. The Ministry of Unification of South Korea has recently begun to enact new legislation in the name of protecting the safety of people near the military border, including restrictions on the dispatch of villas. However, no matter how much North Korea threatens South Korea and North Korea, some things cannot be avoided. Recently, North Korea has been worried about the distribution of mobile phones. South Korea’s then Unification Minister Zhao Ming stated in his parliamentary response in October 2018 that North Korea’s mobile phone usage will reach 5.8 million. It accounts for more than 20% of North Korea’s population and is estimated to be about 25 million.

The smartphone "Arirang" obtained from North Korean sources by the Asahi Shimbun in the spring of 2019 contains a total of 38 types of applications. Among them, there is also an application that allows you to browse books such as labor newspapers and Korea Central News Agency, and watch movies and dramas in North Korea, Russia, India and other places. This is a charging and downloading type. Of course, the authorities are closely monitoring cell phones. I cannot connect to the internet. Because there are too many mobile phones, it is impossible to monitor all the time, but the authorities will automatically record the content of the communication and store it for 3 years. If there is a problem, you can always check. However, it is said that the recent trend is to share images and videos secretly introduced from China and other countries.

In April of this year, Kim Masaon did not visit the Golden Sacred Mountain Sun Palace on the first anniversary of his grandfather Kim Nissei's birthday. In China and elsewhere, Kim Masaon's health status has scattered suspicious information such as "death theory" and "plant condition theory". Part of this information flowed into North Korea via mobile phones. The citizens were surprised and the information spread further. According to the testimony of North Koreans living in South Korea, despite the severe suppression of North Korea, the number of North Korean citizens who imitated the clothes and hairstyles of North Korean drama performers seen on their mobile phones is still endless. Korean songs are no longer available. Merely preventing North Koreans from sending out villas no longer makes sense.

Kim Jong-on (Kim Jong-on), the sister of the chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the first deputy director of the Kim Yong Sung Party, called the North Koreans who planted the villas “dirty houses” and strongly criticized them. However, according to North and South sources, it was Mr. Kim Yumasa who persuaded his father, General Secretary Kim Jong Il, that he was cautious about the distribution of mobile phones. Mr. Jin Jongxiong has also taken generous measures against foreign cultures, such as foreign animation and film music appearing in official events immediately after taking Power . Both Mr. Kim Masaon and Mr. Kim Yomasa have extensive foreign experience, such as studying in Switzerland. It seems that the policy of combining the desire for foreign culture with the desire for foreign culture has led to the result of stifling one's own Power .