Portable jammers have great benefits for drivers

Jammers make your healthier

It is reported that the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission is considering the proposal to install cell phone jammers in taxis and limousines so that drivers will not disturb the phone and pay attention to the road. You plan to use Jammer in a smaller work area. Considering the limited options for jammers, the proposal states that passengers can still make calls from the back seat. The driver certainly objected, claiming that the phone is essential to their work.

Obviously, the purpose of this recommendation is good, that is, don't let the driver use the mobile phone during the journey. Because it is reported that the use of mobile phones in cars has caused many accidents to drivers, which has attracted people's attention. Although very dangerous, many drivers pick up their phones while driving. A convenient cell phone blocker can shield the phone signal to prevent the driver from picking up the phone, which is of course a good thing.

If in actual situations, most drivers are unwilling to install mobile phone jammers in their cars. Because this will affect emergency situations. However, imagine a situation where interference may turn on while the car is driving, so the driver cannot use the mobile phone while driving the car. Moreover, once the car stops, the phone jammer can be turned off so that he has no time to use the phone. However, there seems to be a problem, that is, if the car is in an emergency, how to deal with it? I think it can be an emergency button for an emergency alarm, if you turn it off, you can turn off the jammer before using the phone. What do you think of this idea?