Is it safe to your voice ?

Indoor Jammers for Sale

Since the "prism" incident, privacy is on the cusp of public opinion again. With various recording equipment upgrading, recording technology of continuous improvement, voice security but also become a hot issue of common concern to the public.

With the development of science and technology, electronic product's widespread popularization, smartphone has become everyone equipped with video equipment, sound recording or video recording almost anywhere, in addition, professional recording equipment is no longer confined to a portable recorder, but there are more and more concealment and disguise sex more professional small devices, these are our conversation safety need to guard against equipment.

Disables the tape blockers as security defensive means of conversation, the most basic requirement is the ability to guard against in intangible, let the other side in the case of no notice in jamming, or blockers will moment under the attention of the other, it is easy to become decoration, completely lost his proper role.

Jammer - shop as one of the best selling the Jammer online stores, lasted for many years, relying on strong shenzhen science and technology independently developed background disables the recording of shield machine series products, not only solved the above problems, and to use more human.

This recording jammer first adopted the recording immobilizer mixing noise in the industry, won't produce electromagnetic radiation, in the process of work affect health not; On market and application of a wide range of the mainstream of the recording equipment (mobile phones, record the sound pen, wireless audio devices) can achieve shielding effect; Appearance can be polymorphism of customization according to the needs of users, such as telephone, clock, etc; in disguised as a life Or office environment sound box, pen holder, Taiwan, etc., and using the environment and perfect fusion, so as to realize true invisibility. The recording jammers applicable to the conference room, office, portable, vehicular and other occasions , Used as vehicle jammers. protect your voice anytime and anywhere!