WiFi jammers can give many parents a headache

Are you disturbed by continuous messages from the base station now? Do you hear a voice when someone is calling by your side? Or is it difficult for you to prevent students from using their mobile phones to send or receive test answers? Everyone wants to relax sometimes and pay full attention to what they do, and not be disturbed by external factors (such as the noise of people arguing around, mobile phones, etc.). If you have the purpose of solving these problems, then you may need to spend some time researching this latest portable 2g 3g 4g mobile phone bluetooth jammers device.

The full name of WIFI is Wireless Fidelity, but the correct wording should be "Wi-Fi", but we usually abbreviate it to "Wifi". This is wireless LAN technology. Wireless routers, wireless mice, wireless keyboards, drones, etc. are common in our lives and are all applied to WIFI connections.

In 1999, when the person in charge of IEEE defined the 801.11 standard, IEEC decided that the wireless network technology invented by CSIRO was the best wireless technology in the world. Therefore, CSIRO became WI-FI2010. Basic technical standards. It was invented by the Australian government research organization CSIRO in the 1990s and successfully applied for a wireless network technology patent in the United States in 1996. The University of Sydney is headed by Dr. John O'Sullivan, who is a graduate of the University of Sydney Engineering Department. The wireless network is hailed by the Australian media as the most important technological invention in Australian history. Its inventor, John O'Sullivan (John O'Sullivan), also developed a wifi jammer device for wifi signals, allowing people to solve Tangled problem.