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12-Band Desktop Power Mobile Phone 3G 4G 5G Jammer Review

12-Band Jammer
$1609.21 $799.99

This Powerful new mobile phone WIFI GPS 5G signal jammer is designed with 12 antennas and has strong interference capabilities. It can not only cut off all 3G, 4G, 5G cell phone signals, but also block WiFi GPS LOJACK signals. With 79 watts of adjustable Power , the interference radius of this device can reach up to 80 meters according to the signal strength of the specific location. Built-in 5 cooling fans can work uninterruptedly.

12-Band Desktop Power Mobile Phone 3G 4G 5G Jammer Review

  • Date Added: 02/17/2021 by Clark Edwin

    The device looks good quality and works as expected. I will not use the plug provided in the package. My plug is broken and does not look safe. Please use your own plug to ensure safety, and Nothing is detected but to test the laser, it does treat the camera as a bright light, but the annoying thing is that it flickers, oh, it took a long time to come from China.

  • Date Added: 01/29/2021 by Goldstein, MD Jay

    It works perfectly, but it's actually pretty good. There are cheap things in other stores, but I'm willing to spend a few dollars more for this.

  • Date Added: 11/16/2020 by Lindon Molly

    This is a very efficient device-portable and practical, with an antenna. Whether I am on a train, in a movie theater, or where other people are chatting with their mobile phones, within 10 to 15 seconds after turning on the phone scrambler, the mobile phone owner will not have more network or their The conversation was interrupted.

  • Date Added: 08/17/2020 by Ntsako Themba

    I received the jammer and it arrived two days earlier than expected. After testing, the effect is better than expected. The fan is a bit stronger than I thought, but I am satisfied with everything.

  • Date Added: 04/23/2020 by Giacobbe Frank

    This shame is cool, I bought it a few weeks ago and I can say it works well. This is the device I have been looking for. Delivery is also very fast, I appreciate it. thank you very much! provide.