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8 Antenna Handheld Power Jammer Reviews

Hochstetler James 07/21/2020

I received the jammer and it even arrived two days earlier than expected. After testing, the effect is better than expected. The fan is a bit bigger than I expected, but I am satisfied with everything.;

6 Band Jammer

6 Band Handheld Power Jammer Review

Cristaldo Sonia 09/21/2020

I thought I would buy a jammer long enough. At first, I thought it was a bit expensive for me. But when I sit down to calculate buy GPS jammers, GSM jamming devices and WiFi preventer how much money, I found that this is not a small number. So I chose, I ordered this. So far, it has worked very well, and I hope it will be as reliable as it has been for a long time!

Golden Jammer

5 Band Portable Golden Jammer GPS WiFi Bluetooth 3G 4G Review

Dreimiller Joseph 09/02/2020

What a progress! I have used the portable model for a while and upgraded to that model when I saw it because the laptop is still running. The device not only keeps cool, but also has a better range. Thank you!

Mobile Phone Jammer

8 Band Portable Mobile Phone Jammer LOJACK GPS WIFI review

Zahid Owais 08/14/2020

I like the way this device fits on the hand, even when wearing gloves. It has a very solid feel, and the case is a great accessory. Purchase a second unit for my partner.

Portable Shielding Instrument

Portable 5 Antenna WiFi GSM GPS Cell Phone Jammer Review

Barajas Yolanda 08/25/2020

I am a very satisfied customer because they always answer my questions on time. Good product and good packaging. I will order from you again, thank you very much.

Hidden Shielding Instrument

Hidden Wall-Mounted 2G 3G 4G 5G Mobile Phone Signal And WIFI Signal Jammer Review

Jackson Jackson 08/23/2020

This is a sturdy, well-structured device that provides more coverage than expected. The side DIP switch feels good to the touch, because I don’t always need to turn on the GPS blocking function and turn it off.

Portable Signal Jammer

Hidden 8-Band Portable Mobile Phone Jammer Review

Crook Michelle 10/31/2020

This jammer is really small. I will put it in my bag every time I go to and from get off work. When I need it, I turn it on. The shielding effect is also good, and all the signals around me are cut off.