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8 Antenna Handheld Power Jammer Reviews

Hochstetler James 07/21/2020

I received the jammer and it even arrived two days earlier than expected. After testing, the effect is better than expected. The fan is a bit bigger than I expected, but I am satisfied with everything.;

8-Band Jammer

Portable Small 8-Band Jammer WIFI GPG LOJACK Review

McInnes Jacob 06/29/2020

Jammers are very convenient and can interfere with various frequency bands. And turn on or turn off the corresponding frequency band according to your needs. The only disadvantage is that the frequency band switching is too small

Military Jammer

Military Portable All-In-One Power Jammer WiFi / 3G / 4G GPS Review

Hartzler Christina 08/22/2020

This is a sturdy, well-structured device with much more coverage than expected. The side DIP switch feels good to the touch, because I don’t always need to turn on the GPS blocking function and turn it off

Mobile Phone Blocker

Military 6 Antenna Cell Phone Jammers Review

Johnson Reginald 08/21/2020

I appreciate such a carefully crafted product. Its working principle is exactly the same as advertising. The reason why I did not give it 5 stars is because the side switch is a bit small. You have to use the tip of a pen or nail to open or close the different channels, but this is a small problem. Good product!

Tri-Band Jammer

Adjustable 6-Band Desktop Power Signal Blocker Review

Dorney Robin 10/05/2020

This jammer is really good. The desktop computer is not only far away from the jammer, but also the price is very cheap. I used it for a day and the overall effect is great. The electronic products in the range can't connect to the network. This is a good jammer shop.

Tri-Band Jammer

8-band adjustable mobile phone signal jammer

Polsen Kane 09/15/2020

Hi, although this jammer is desktop, I am very satisfied with its interference frequency band and interference effect. It is a pleasant shopping, and it is also a professional store.

Tri-Band Jammer

Black 8-Band Desktop Phone Jammer Blcokers Review

Saleem Yasin 10/19/2020

This jammer is really great and can work for a long time. For work reasons, I need to keep the jammer on, but this jammer really meets all my expectations.