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1000.00$ Dollars Jammers Reviews


8 Antenna Handheld Power Jammer Reviews

Hochstetler James 07/21/2020

I received the jammer and it even arrived two days earlier than expected. After testing, the effect is better than expected. The fan is a bit bigger than I expected, but I am satisfied with everything.;

Portable Drone Jammer

Power Mini Portable Drone Jammer Review

Smith Spencer 08/07/2020

The jammer has a higher output Power and may interfere with a large range. Make you fully feel the fluctuation of the electronic signal. This is a good choice for customers who need more portable multi-function interference devices.

Tri-Band Jammer

D4 Handheld Drone Power Jammer Review

Aylett Brian 10/29/2020

Nothing is more suitable for me than this product. Not only can it be carried, but the interference distance is also very far. The drone is more than 100 meters high in the sky, and my remote control cannot control it. This product is really great!

Tri-Band Jammer

Review Of Phone Desktop Power Drone Jammer

Anderson Chase 10/25/2020

It's really a good jammer product. It can not only interfere with mobile phone signals, but also shield signals from long-distance drones. Their store is very professional, and the recommended products are what we need. Great

Tri-Band Jammer

Digital Shield Power Drone Interceptor Review

Mahaffey Jeff 10/15/2020

The product is really good. Although it is a bit more expensive, it is worth buying. The product has a large interference range and high interference accuracy. It can shoot down high-altitude drones. Since I turned on the drone jammer, I was around 200 There was no drone in the area.

Tri-Band Jammer

Review Of Power Trolley Box Mobile Phone Jammer

Ntsako Themba 09/26/2020

Although this product looks a bit cumbersome, the jammer effect is really great. Within 80m, there is no sound of electronic products. Although it is a bit more expensive when you buy it, it is really easy to use. It is a genuine product. Jammer shop.

Adjustable 16-Band Mobile Phone 5G Jammer

Review Of Desktop Adjustable 16-Band Mobile Phone 5G Jammer

Crook Michelle 10/01/2020

Although this product looks a bit cumbersome, the interference effect is really good. I usually turn it on to tease my neighbors about 50 meters away, and it succeeds every time. It's a good jammer product.

Mobile Phone Jammer

Review of Boxed Hidden Power Wifi Mobile Phone Jammer

Nikac Danijel 10/15/2020

This product looks like a small storage box, but its shielding effect is very good and can be packed in a bag. It's hard to think that this is a jammer.

 Adjustable Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

Review Of Adjustable Power 14 Antenna Desktop Signal Jammer

Harripersad Christine 10/23/2020

It's really a good shop, it can work for a long time, it fully meets my requirements, and the jammer is as far away as shown.

 16-Band Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

16-Band Desktop Adjustable 38W GPS WiFi Mobile Phone Jammer Review

Pirtam Michael 10/25/2020

This is a relatively complete jammer product. The 16 frequency bands basically cover the signals needed in daily life. I am very satisfied with this shopping.