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8-Band Adjustable Desktop Phone Jammer Blockers Review

Review adjustable Desktop Jammer
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This latest mobile jammer with 8 frequency bands and GPS 5G WIFI VHF UHF 4G LOJACK 8 antenna (Europe) with 8 transmitters. Each of them can work on your antenna and can create a range of up to 40 meters on all mobile devices, becoming a "forbidden zone". In this area, they will not be able to send messages and answer calls, they will lose the ability to access the Internet, and GPS positioning will stop. Therefore, the suppressor can ensure the privacy of your meetings and negotiations, scientific meetings, seminars, etc. Most importantly, it can interfere with 5G signals and is a true 5G signal jammer.

8-Band Adjustable Desktop Phone Jammer Blockers Review

  • Date Added: 02/11/2021 by Thorne Rose

    Hey, everyone asked me to say that the function of this method was unexpected, and the communication with the company has been very good. I suggest this place one word, I will, I will. Will buy again in the future

  • Date Added: 01/01/2021 by PATEL Atul

    I bought one and it worked well. Thanks to this product, I can now block 4G LTE and 4G Wimax signals at the same time and create a quiet environment.

  • Date Added: 11/25/2020 by Shiber Joseph

    First of all, the delivery is fast, the packaging is neat, and I am very satisfied with the product...designed, efficient and easy to use, the product fully meets our expectations.

  • Date Added: 10/12/2020 by Sandhu Parvinder

    This is a very good-looking desktop jammer. It helps me in many important occasions. I think it is very worthwhile. The shielding effect is also very good. It is worth buying.

  • Date Added: 08/09/2020 by Bican Kenn

    Once you start using this annoying device, these annoying phone calls will drop dramatically.