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  1. Portable 8341CA-TD TD-SCDMA Internet jammers is the emission frequency of 870 ~ 880 MHz, 930 ~ 960 MHz, 1805 ~ 1920 MHz, 2010 ~ 2025 MHz, 2010 ~ 2170 MHz wide band transmitter (not including GSM, DCS, PCS, td-scdma, the 3 g upward working frequency), is used to truncate the launch pad (communication) and mobile phone signals between wireless devices.This product can effectively block the launch pad (communication) and microwave signals between mobile phone, need shielding area (including GSM, CDMA, DCS, PHS, td-scdma, 3G) mobile phone lost contact with the outside world.This Cell Phone Jammer volume small, easy to use, through a separate stationing, and distributed range area can be applied to a variety of environments.

Product hardware and software structure:

The whole machine and system accessories: By 8341 - TD to host, antenna, exchange flow switching Power supply, installation and the outer packing (including the certificate of approval, the operation instruction handbook ").
The host software and hardware structure: 8341 TD custom shielding instrument basic host as a whole by aluminum alloy casing (function: encapsulation, bearing and heat), PCB (functions: Power supply, instructions, interference source, filter, Power amplifier, Power control) and connecting cables (Power supply, radio frequency, control).
Need to prevent tracking, prevent the proliferation of the individual

Key technology solutions and the method to realize the important features:

A. This machine is for td-scdma mode:
Squared UpPTS: designed for uplink synchronization.
Squared GP: on, downside protection interval, 96 chip
Squared TS0: always assigned to the down link, TS1 is always assigned to the uplink
Squared TS0: is downlink broadcast time slot, TS1 ~ TS6 is business time slot.
According to the operation of TD model I companies to use high-tech technology developed the shielding instrument. Adopt the digital modulation mode processor, after dealing with the digital.Implementation does not affect the carrier communication uplink interference,Shielding instrument has two kinds: single plate shielding instrument and machine using the network model of shielding instrument.

B.UHF broadband jamming technology:
The realization of the function of the core technology (single band) is composed of multiple functional IC and its periphery matching circuit:
The wide band, Power output
Interference between multiple systems: in shielding instrument machine within a small space, at the same time have a CDMA, GSM, DCS, PHS, td-scdma, a total of five 3G systems
Transmitting Power , wide band signal, resolving the pay adjustment index between the multiple signals (repeated adjustment with research and development, production shortage).
C. Soft start circuit technology: using soft start circuit can avoid mechanical switch to produce lighter phenomenon, integration of high working stability.
D. Long uninterrupted work: the equipment is made of high quality components, metal shell, good heat dissipation performance, can work 24 hours a day, not long time work
E. Effective segmentation, interference downward only, will not cause interference to communication
8341 - frequency of the resistance of TD machine:
CDMA output port: 870 ~ 880 MHZ
GSM output port: 930 ~ 960 MHZ
DCS/PHS output port: 1805 ~ 1920 MHZ
Td-scdma output port: 2010-2025 MHZ
3 g output port: 2110 ~ 2170 MHZ
Downward (one-way) block communication frequencies, don't block the communication upward (reverse) frequencies, so communication will not cause interference (on mobile td-scdma spectrum,
Due to the current domestic TDD designated has spectrum is consistent, so the 8341 - TD products realize the uplink frequency interference).

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