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8341CA-5-KT desktop phone signal shielding device:

Why did you choose ca - 5-8341 KT desktop shielding instrument
The equipment Power adjustable each channel can be carried out efficiently.Through the switch on the machine can adjust the output Power and coverage radius.But also single channel control.
With a wireless device, the operator can stand any side switch machine.It can also interfere with GPS and Wifi signal.
This equipment is mainly used to alternating current (ac).We configured with different Power adapter for different countries.Thus it can be universal.
This device is currently 10 a 5 v Power supply.Have enough Power to make machines uninterrupted work 365 days.The Power adapter can also keep the equipment steadily for a long time.
The efficient cooling technology, the equipment can work long hours does not have too much heat, always in good working condition.

How to install and switch the machine:
*Before use, please install the antenna.The antenna installation within the box to the position of the corresponding machine.Devices with each output Power antenna connector and work light.According to the silk screen logo on the antenna, GSM, DCS/PHS and CDMA, 3 g or GPS/Wifi.Machine four channel is in turn the GSM, DCS/PHS and CDMA, 3 g or GPS/Wifi, join a good antenna.
*Connect the Power supply, Power supply are the three holes, after the corresponding correct insertion.When turn on the switch, the Power LED indicator light is green.Open the host switch to ON, and the machine began to work, each channel indicator light is green, the said work is normal, each channel switch can adjust the output Power and precision of this channel.

Mounting bracket and heat sink:
We are equipped with stents to this equipment. Equipment can be wall-mounted installation.Adopt the aluminum alloy heat sink design can ensure the machine cooling function, more efficient operation.

Actuating device:
Easy to operate.Once opened the machine, you can use the finger to adjust the output Power of the machine.The diagram below.With the device.The operator can use manual control or by switch control device.Each channel is equipped with a Power switch, can choose to MIN or MAX can adjust the output Power and coverage distance.

*When the machine is working, the surface temperature of the machine about 45 ℃. It is normal phenomenon.If above 60 ℃, it is not normal.Please shut off the Power immediately and contact the local distributor or agent.
*Machine coverage radius is determined by the field.Different field disturbance radius is different.
*When the machine work as far as possible put the machine on the higher position, the suggestion about 2 meters.
*In order to avoid affect the function of the equipment, please try to avoid equipment on metal materials or metal materials.
*In order to avoid the computer, notebook computer, TV, audio equipment and radio interference, please don't put the above objects near shielding instrument.
*Be sure to connect antenna before installation.
*If do not  install antenna in accordance with the specification , the coverage radius will be affected.Be sure to turn it on  once ensure the correct installation.

Technical parameters:
Used in Europe and the Middle East market GSM900 925-960 MHz
Up to 40 m (depending on the mobile operator network communication status)
GSM1800. 1805-1880 MHz
3 g 2110-2170 MHz
(GPS or Wifi optional)

Type B
Used in the americas and Africa
The Asian market
CDMA 850-894 MHz
Up to 40 m (depending on the mobile operator network communication status)
DCS PHS. 1805-1920 MHz
GSM 925-960 MHZ
3 g 2010-2025 MHZ
2110-2170 MHZ
(GPS or Wifi optional)
Power supply: AC110-240-10-12 v to 5 v a
The total Power output 12 watts
Power supply ac 110-240 - v, dc 5 v / 10-12 a
Can be up to 40 m coverage radius
The packing gross weight 2.8 kg
The host 263 (L) * 263 (W) * (H) of 50 mm
Warranty period of 15 months
Characteristics of Power adjustable, single channel control.
Technical characteristics:
* Using high frequency and low frequency interference technology, effective for piece wise frequency band.Do interference downward, don't interfere with communication.
*Very portable.The fuselage and antenna weight 2.3 Kg.
*Soft start circuit board design.Keeps the machine efficient and stable operation effectively
*Connector has four SMA connector.Used to connect to an antenna, is respectively (GSM, DCS, PHS, CDMA, 3 g or WIFI/GPS)
A Power adapter connector.

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