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Office Desktop Portable Anti-Recording Equipment Recording Jammer

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Product advantages:
- Stronger shielding: compared with other products in the series, this desktop portable recording jammer (camouflage version) produces more interference signal Power , so the noise signal picked up is stronger, and the shielding effect is stronger.
- longer shielding distance: compared with other products, the shielding distance is longer. In general, the shielding distance of good recording equipment can reach about 2-3 meters, and the shielding distance of some recording equipment, such as some mobile phones and microbugs, can even reach more than 3-5 meters.
- More extensive coverage: for the current mainstream of all kinds of recording equipment, the camouflage version of recording shielding device can basically shield, its coverage can reach more than 95%, far higher than the similar products on the market.

Other Parameters:
Product model: mdpb-s108
Air purifier function: support
Camouflage: air purifier
Interference mode: acoustic interference
Interference intensity: greater than 90dB (1 meter)
Audible sound: none
Shielding distance: 2-3 meters
Shielding Angle: horizontal 120°/ vertical 120°
Shielding strength: adjustable at 3 level
Remote control distance: 10 meters
Power supply mode: adapter
Working hours: unlimited (adapter)
Operating temperature: 0℃~45℃
Working voltage: 12V
Operating current: 2A
Shell material: metal acrylic alloy
Weight: 6 kg
Size: 260 * 160 * 160 mm
Appearance customization: support
Packing List:
1 * Adapter
1 * Remote control
1 * Power cord

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