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Built-In Backpack Portable Powerful Drone Jammer Battery

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The backpack-like drone jammer is mainly used to forcibly control the drone or flight model in flight, and the connection between the drone and the remote control is broken over a long distance, and the drone can be forced by the interceptor. Or forced return to ensure the safety of low-altitude airspace in the region.

(GPS): 1560 ~ 1620MHz
(WiFi 2.4G): 2400 ~ 2486MHz
(WiFi 5.8G): 5700 ~ 5800MHz

Total output Power : 40 W
Power supply: 50-60Hz, AC 100-240V
Blocking the circumference: up to 5000m, the blocking radius still depends on the strength signal in the given area
Dimensions: 37cm (L) X 30cm (W) x 19cm (H)
Battery: built-in battery
Full set weight: 13kg
Humidity: 30% -95%
Guarantee: 1 year

1. To cut all connections between the drones and the command and control team
2. The drone's ground control system cannot receive aerial photography and video.
3. Affected persons cannot be located; The interceptor can force drones to land or to base

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