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The drone jammer uses electronic countermeasures to cover the communication frequency band of the drone by transmitting Power electromagnetic waves. If the drone is disturbed, it will lose contact with ground control and must land or return.

Application area:
1. Prisons, military administrative areas, national strategic resource projects, nuclear industrial plants, airports, political and other regions;
2. Web sites that prevent information leaks, such as: large crime scenes, city government law enforcement agencies, critical safety devices, guardian politicians, rehearsals for large performances, archaeological dig sites, and large-scale group events;
3. Combating the use of drones as a carrier of illegal activities such as: traffic / human trafficking, smuggling, illegal objects or information transfer.

(GPS): 1560 ~ 1580MHz
(WiFi 2.4G): 2400 ~ 2486MHz
(WiFi 5.8G): 5700 ~ 5800MHz
Total output Power : 120W
Power supply: 50-60Hz, AC 100-240V
Blocking the circumference: up to 200m, the blocking radius still depends on the strength signal in the given area
Dimensions: 400 (L) X 290 (W) x 100cm (H)
Weight of the full set: 3.9kg
Temperature over protection. Working status indicator for each band modular.
Humidity: 30% -95%
Guarantee: 1 year

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Drone Jammer Portable Jammer GPS 2.4G GPS 5.8G