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Desktop 22 Band 5G Jammer Mobile Phone Wi-Fi GPS LOJACK Blocker Review

5G Power Jammer
$1589.12 $799.99

This is the newly designed 22-antenna signal cell phone jammer, which brings us Powerful interference capabilities. It can not only cut off all 5G 3G 4G mobile phone signals, but also block Wi-Fi2.4G / 5GHz GPS LOJACK, RF 315 MHz 433MHz, VHF UHF walkie-talkie and wireless headset/microphone signals. The Power of the full-band jammer is sufficient to block all signals, and the jamming radius of the jamming frequency can reach 40 meters.

Desktop 22 Band 5G Jammer Mobile Phone Wi-Fi GPS LOJACK Blocker Review

  • Date Added: 02/16/2021 by Neuser Lawrence

    The main feature of the jammer is that it can be charged on the vehicle, which means it can be used continuously and can block the signal band of 313 433 MHz, thereby providing users with more blocking signal options.

  • Date Added: 01/08/2021 by Neuser Lawrence

    This jammer is the perfect jammer. As long as the phone is nearby, no signal will be displayed immediately.

  • Date Added: 11/25/2020 by Neuser Lawrence

    I encountered this stigma just last week and immediately tested it. It can really effectively block mobile 3G, WiFi/Bluetooth and GPS signals. This is also very convenient because I can pinpoint one or two frequencies that need to be blocked. Big !

  • Date Added: 08/21/2020 by Chenault Kelvin

    This thing works well indoors. It works well in restaurants, but sometimes it takes a minute to eliminate the signal. An office worker stammered outside with his mobile phone for 20 minutes, and I decided it was time to go back. Turn it on, she was ten yards away, and killed her phone in just a few seconds.

  • Date Added: 07/08/2020 by Slaughter Lola

    The adjustable design provides me with an ideal choice. It is an ideal signal jammer and is worth buying!