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Desktop Aerial Drone Jammer 2.4G 5.8G

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Product Information :

The drone jammer is designed to prevent spying or being tracked or photographed. It is a kind of equipment mainly for civilian use. In the United States, where illegal drones are increasingly common, the device is an effective way to protect one's privacy.
Product Features:

1.Efficient cooling system ensures long working hours
2.Optional 3-meter long car charging line can be used in DC12V car
3.Can jamming 2.4GHz 5.8GHz

Suitable for prisons, detention centers, drug rehabilitation centers, security agencies, military use

Manufacturer Specifications

-Band V1 2400MHz-2450MHz
-Band V2 2450MHz-2500MHz
-Band V3 5250MHz-5680MHz
-Band V4 5680MHz-5900MHz

Basic Specifications

Power supply:Power plug, built-in battery
Jam Radius:Up to 100 meters
Total output Power : 7.5W
Voltage : AC100-240V DC12V
Operating temperature:-40℃ to +70℃
Operating humidity:5% to 80%
Device size: 250mm*47mm*25mm
Device weight: 2500 g

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