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Wall-Mounted Hidden Antenna NZ10 WIFI Mobile Phone Jammer

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Product Information :

Product Features:
1. Large-scale coverage of 100-200 square meters (-75dBm, indoor transparent environment, depending on the distance of surrounding base stations)
2. Power 30W (single-channel 3-5W) effectively shields the triple play 2G 3G 4G 5G mobile phone signal and WIFI signal
3. Equipped with precision voltage stabilizing circuit, it can be used normally even in the case of large voltage fluctuations 4. Original chips and circuit boards ensure high efficiency, stable performance and long life
5. Durable ABS shell: waterproof, wear-resistant, heat-resistant
6. Convection vents and built-in high-efficiency heat sinks and fans to prevent local heat accumulation and efficient heat removal
7. Simple appearance, small size, and less space
8. Green environmental protection, no harm to human body
9. Easy and convenient installation

1. Factors affecting the actual shielding range include signal field strength, base station distance, mobile phone format, obstacles, installation height, installation specifications, etc.
2. It is normal for the host to heat up after working for a long time. If the temperature is too high, please turn off the Power and contact your local dealer
3. The normal installation height is 1.8m~2.5m, try to choose the place where there is no obstacle between the target shielding area. The wall-mounted
installation requires the antenna to be vertically upward. When using on a desktop, the antenna can be folded 90 degrees and then vertically upward. There should be no AC Power lines or other audio and video lines within 0.2 meters of the antenna.
4. In order to avoid possible interference with some electronic equipment, please try to keep 1~2 meters above the following common equipment: audio, wireless microphone, radio, computer, TV, Wi-Fi router, etc.

Manufacturer Specifications

5G :
WIFI 5.8:

Basic Specifications
Output Power :≤240W
Jam Radius:100-200 square meters
Power Supply:AC160V~240V
Installation Height:1.8~2.5m Product Size:320*235*65mm
Product Weight: 1.42/2.0kg
Package Contents: Signal Jammer * 1pcs/ AC Adapter * 1pcs / Details User Manual * 1pcs

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