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Review Of Power Trolley Box Mobile Phone Jammer

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One is a professional suitcase portable Power mobile cell phone jammer used in the market for mobile phone 5G 3G 4GLTE / WIMAX Wi-Fi2.4G / 5G GPS LOJACK UHF VHF signal jammer. The built-in battery can work for 1.5 hours. It can also be customized for the Power UAV jammer model with 4-6 antennas, which gives us strong interference capabilities and can defend against 100% UAVs. The total output Power is 86w, shielding 10-80m, still depends on the strength signal in a given area. It also has a built-in battery of 24V10Ah or higher, which can continue to work for 1.5 hours. The battery level and charger status can be displayed through the LED screen and the portable design of the suitcase. You can also choose to use an external battery.

Review Of Power Trolley Box Mobile Phone Jammer

  • Date Added: 01/19/2021 by Dangelo Pino

    I am happy for this pain, and from now on, I can enjoy my privacy. Thank you perfectjammer.

  • Date Added: 12/28/2020 by Lawson Wesley

    With Powerful functions, it can cut off the WiFi signal of such jammers and mobile phones.

  • Date Added: 11/02/2020 by Gargul Pawel

    After using it for a few days, the shielding effect is very good. I have used more than one thousand models before. Although this is a bit more expensive, the effect is really good, and it is worth the money.

  • Date Added: 09/26/2020 by Ntsako Themba

    Although this product looks a bit cumbersome, the jammer effect is really great. Within 80m, there is no sound of electronic products. Although it is a bit more expensive when you buy it, it is really easy to use. It is a genuine product. Jammer shop.

  • Date Added: 08/01/2020 by Harripersad Christine

    The device looks good quality and works as expected. I will not use the plug provided in the package. My plug is broken and does not look safe. Please use your own plug to ensure safety, and Nothing is detected but to test the laser, it does treat the camera as a bright light, but the annoying thing is that it flickers, oh, it took a long time to come from China.