*Protect Your Private Encounters Cell phone networks might be easily used for eavesdropping of your private conversations and even intimate encounters with someone. We have devices which can protect your private life from any third party involvement.

*Avoid Rude Guys In Cinemas When you are at the cinema, no one must interrupt you from getting a charge out of the new movie, right? You can use our devices to prevent rude guys from talking via their cell phones during the movie.

*Protect Your Business Meetings ndustrial espionage is an everyday occurrence these days, yet that does not mean you don’t have to protect your company from it. Installing special devices to prevent hidden video and audio surveillance in your office is an issue we can help you with

*Make Your Government Safe ighest level of security measures because the most influential people are meeting there. Our devices are used by many governmental agencies around the world to improve their wireless security even further.

*And Be Safe From Your Government Law enforcement agencies of many countries use data provided by local mobile phone carriers to get private information on every person, often without even obtaining the warrant. Use our devices to prevent your private data from being shared with your government.

*Prevent Cheating In Educational Institutions There is no student that can imagine his or her life without cell phone, though they can use their gadgets with the purpose of exam cheating. Our Signal Jammer can help teachers and professors in different educational institutions to prevent students from cheating on exams.


Wireless industry changes very quickly these days. While it develops many useful devices it also creates many threats to the privacy of every person that interacts with the industry and devices it creates. Jammer-shop company does its best to provide our customers with the best devices to jam the signals of cell phone as well as frequencies of other devices. The technology of all our cell phone jammers and cell phone blockers was developed in Shenzhen, it means that all our cell phone jammers for sale have the highest quality and best specifications on the market. That's why we are not afraid to provide 1 year warranty on our cell phone scramblers and mobile phone jamming equipment, because we are absolutely sure that these devices will be used by you without any problems. So let us give you some details on possible threats and protection measures against them.