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Military 6 Antenna Cell Phone Jammers Review

Handheld 6 Antenna Power Jammer
$896.39 $555.39

In this Internet age, information is the most valuable thing. This cell phone jammer device is currently the only device equipped with an LCD screen. You can clearly observe the data through the display screen. You can get more accurate information. It has an independent frequency band switch. You can open the interference frequency band as needed.

Military 6 Antenna Cell Phone Jammers Review

  • Date Added: 02/07/2021 by Romero Orlando

    This is a very practical signal jammer with a screen and a uniquely designed camouflage shape. It can be used to read data. He is very good. I think the military field should have a broad vision.

  • Date Added: 12/29/2020 by Mathosi Brian

    I bought this jammer a week ago. I chose it because it provides me with a wide range of interference frequencies, so I never need to lose face. It is Powerful and portable, and can store anything I want. Actually, I need a simple GSM encryptor, but I bought this jammer and now I use it for GPS jamming and free wi-fi.

  • Date Added: 11/19/2020 by Scarselli Tony

    The Powerful features of this device made me buy it. The huge coverage radius and the adjustment of the output Power of each antenna can cause interference to frequencies within the specified range. I can set it to block only one frequency (such as Wi-Fi) and use other frequency bands freely. Powerful and flexible household equipment can shield equipment!

  • Date Added: 08/21/2020 by Tyner Sheagen

    I appreciate such a carefully crafted product. Its working principle is exactly the same as advertising. The reason why I did not give it 5 stars is because the side switch is a bit small. You have to use the tip of a pen or nail to open or close the different channels, but this is a small problem. Good product!

  • Date Added: 07/13/2020 by Brown Matthew

    The interference signal is a Powerful device. And you can choose to adjust the congestion or even interference signal Power method. I use it to block free WiFi listening, I don't want to see my WiFi network outdoors.